We offer preparation of any IRS form or schedule required as a result of filing a personal income tax return on form 1040. We automatically include e-file (electronic filing) of all completed tax returns as standard.

We offer preparation and e-filing of most state income tax returns as required (as long as we first complete the federal return).

Additional items include: itemized deductions, investment income, small businesses, capital gains/losses, rental property, passive income from ownership in corporations or partnerships reported on schedule K-1, farmers, IRA or pension distributions, unemployment, social security income, educator expenses, health savings accounts, moving expenses, self employed health insurance, alimony, IRA/SEP IRA/SOLO 401K  contributions, student loan interest, tuition and fees, child and dependent care credit, education credits, retirement savings contribution credit, child tax credit, college tuition credit, self-employment tax, estimated tax payments, earned income credit, additional child tax credit, and any other form, schedule, or worksheet required.

It also includes the preparing and submitting the following forms related to hiring employees – W-2, W-3, W-4,  and the forms related to properly reporting payments to  self-employed subcontractors, 1099-NEC, and 1096.

What we do NOT offer:

We do not currently offer any preparation services for any forms higher than the 1040 series. This would include estates or trusts (form 1041), partnerships (form 1065), and corporations or LLC’s (form 1120).

We do not currently offer any services related to tasks that require year-round attention, such as payroll, bookkeeping, or state sales tax collection and submission.